Customs Clearance

SUN LLC will conduct for you the whole range of procedures for customs clearance of your cargo at any border crossing.

Customs clearance for shipments by sea is not an easy task. But our company will help you in its decision!

SUN LLC organizes the delivery of goods «under its contract.» What does it mean?

You want to buy goods through us, but at the same time you don’t want to be engaged in importing or exporting, customs clearance, customs clearance / customs clearance of goods and you don’t want to participate in foreign exchange trading operations. You have chosen a range of products and instruct us to deliver these goods to the door or to another necessary place (warehouse). Our company will deliver you your cargo, without any hassle on your part. You just order the goods and wait for them in your warehouse. If you want to deliver the goods «under your contract», SUN LLC will also help to organize the full range of services for the delivery and clearance of your cargo. goods for import or export.

LLC «SAN» assists in the design of such permits!

We make out the following types of documents:

  • certificate of conformity;
  • declaration of conformity;
  • sanitary and epidemiological findings;
  • exemption letters on certification and free economic zones;
  • registration certificates;
  • etc.

Upon receipt of the goods, the client receives copies or originals (if possible) of all permits in his hands. The timing and cost of obtaining permits depends on their type and complexity of execution.

Our company offers you:

  • minimum time for customs clearance;
  • fast and correct paperwork for the export of goods;
  • cargo certification (if necessary);
  • awareness of the status and movement of cargo;
  • preliminary notification of customs payments.

Years of experience in the field of customs clearance of goods allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises during the clearance of goods, both for import and for export!

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