Search for Suppliers

To find and choose from thousands of factories, one reliable supplier is the key to success. Our company’s suppliers are only proven and reliable companies. Finding a good manufacturer is a very time consuming process. In order to find a supplier for 1 product name, our experts analyze up to 15 factories.

Principles by which suppliers are analyzed:

  1. The quality of the product.
  2. The price of the product.
  3. The level of technical specialists.
  4. The level of technological equipment.
  5. The presence of a testing laboratory, test methods and control.
  6. Availability of certificates.
  7. Location of the plant.
  8. Reputation of the plant.

This service includes:

  • search from 5 to 10 manufacturing plants;
  • analysis of production conditions and product quality;
  • price request on FOB terms, and pricing with delivery to your warehouse;
  • order and delivery of samples of goods (delivery of samples at the expense of the customer);
  • information on the time of manufacture of goods, packaging, labeling, weight and size of packaging boxes or boxes;
  • calculation of the container loading volume;
  • development of the delivery scheme;
  • request of customs authorities for TNVED codes, customs duties, risks;
  • You can travel to China to inspect the factories, negotiate and decide on the choice of supplier.

To start searching for suppliers, initial information is required from the customer:

  • product name with its catalog number
  • technical requirements
  • blueprints
  • photo
  • samples.

The more detailed information on the product we receive from you, the faster and better fulfill your order.

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