Transportation from China

International transportation

We will deliver your cargo from anywhere in the world to anywhere in Russia
as soon as possible


We organize production in China of the product that interests you. This can be::

  • — Finished product;
  • — Components for the product;
  • — Equipment/Accessories for the production of the product itself.

We work directly with the Chinese factories-manufacturers. This means that all comments and suggestions about your order will be taken into account during the production process.

Terms of production depend on the complexity of the product and stipulated in advance. On average, the production process of a consignment of goods takes about 30 days.

Rail transportation

SUN LLC also organizes transportation by rail across Russia.

The main directions of railway transportation are Samara, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk.

Our railway transportation is a favorable price and short terms.

SUN LLC can carry out rail transportation, both as a separate service, and as part of a comprehensive service.

Road transport

In the absence of the possibility of shipment by sea or railway transport, we can offer the option of shipment by road.

Our company offers auto delivery of goods from China to Russia through the border crossing Manchuria (northwest China) — Zabaikalsk and through the border crossing Alashankou (northeast China) — Dostyk (Further following through the territory of Kazakhstan).

The main advantage of delivery by road is speed and flexibility.

Air freight

In case of urgent delivery of cargo from China, we offer air transportation. Air transportation is the fastest way to deliver cargo. Our company provides air transportation services from China to Russia of cargo of various sizes and weights. Ensures their integrity and the necessary storage conditions during transport delivery.

The presence of a network of agents in the main areas (ports, railway stations, terminals), long-term cooperation with major transport companies, with shipping lines, extensive experience in the field of international freight traffic allows us to organize an individual approach for each client.

* Conditions of carriage are negotiated individually, taking into account the wishes of the client and the characteristics of the transported cargo.

Groupage cargo

SUN LLC organizes shipment of groupage cargo from China in a container.

You need to transport cargo from China, but its volume is much less than the volume of the container?

Of course, you can transport cargo in a container, but you have to pay for the transportation of the entire container — this will significantly increase the cost of delivery!

Our company will help you to reduce your expenses. But how?

LLC «SAN» has long been engaged in the delivery of consolidated cargo in containers.

This service involves the joint shipment of goods from several shippers in a single container.

If the weight of your cargo is more than 500, but less than 5000 kg, you can use the LCL system (Less than Container Load) or the “groupage cargo” scheme. This scheme will significantly reduce your shipping costs.

You do not pay for the freight of the whole container, you only pay for the volume and weight of your cargo in the container.

Such goods are sent on one transport document and are formed by assembling lots in stock.

This system involves calculating the price based on the volume of cargo, the minimum size is 1 cubic meter.

Also LLC «SUN» can organize the shipment of your cargo by road.

Sending groupage cargoes are carried out by us from Manchuria.

You (together with your sender) organize the shipment to Manchuria. In Manchuria, the cargo arrives at our warehouse, where it is then determined on the nearest car for further shipment to Russia.

The calculation of the price for transportation is calculated based on the volume and weight of your cargo.

Delivery of cargo from Manchuria is approximately from 7 to 14 days, depending on the region of delivery of the goods.

You do not know how to deliver the goods to Manchuria? Our company will help you with this!

We can also arrange delivery of your cargo to a warehouse in Manchuria.

To do this, you need to inform our logistics specialist that delivery to the warehouse in Manchuria is carried out by our own forces.

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