Organization of production

We organize production in China of the product that interests you. This can be:

  • ready product;
  • accessories to the product;
  • equipment / equipment for the production of the product itself.

We work directly with Chinese manufacturing plants. This means that all comments and suggestions about your order will be taken into account in the production process.

Terms of production depend on the complexity of the product and stipulated in advance. On average, the production process of a consignment of goods takes about 30 days.

The process of organizing production includes:

  • Technical specification, drawings, a sample of the product that you want to buy in China, you provide us.
  • Together with our experts, you discuss all technical issues regarding the product.
  • Technical documentation is transferred to the Chinese manufacturer.
  • The Chinese factory makes the sample and sends it to you;
  • You are testing a sample.
  • If the test results are comments, we send them to the Chinese side.
  • If there are no comments, an experimental batch is ordered.
  • If there are no comments on the pilot batch, a “Delivery Schedule” is drawn up and the production process of the following batches of goods is started.

Why is it profitable to organize the production of goods in China?

  • The low cost of the product;
  • The individuality of your product;
  • The uniqueness of the packaging (the client can develop his own design for the packaging of the goods).

Still have questions?

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