Business Travel

We work both with large wholesale customers, and with those who want to enter the market of cooperation with China for the first time, and are ready to offer various schemes of work.

We take care of all the organizational aspects of the delivery of goods from China. But if you want to personally control the process of organizing production, you can visit the manufacturing factory in China.

In this regard, we provide the service «escort to China»: our specialist with engineering education, fluent in Chinese, will accompany you throughout the trip and represent your interests before the Chinese side

Goals of a business trip to China:

  • check the factories we have found for you, compare and select the most suitable;
  • directly at the factory to discuss all technical issues related to your product prior to the start of the production process;
  • see the production, check the quality of equipment;
  • evaluate and test product samples;
  • to refine the quality.

After the production process of the goods is finished, we recommend you a quality control method such as «goods acceptance». You can personally check the goods that will be sent to you in Russia. If you have any questions, we will solve them on the spot. For acceptance, we also offer our customers the service «to accompany to China.» In addition, you can visit the exhibition of manufacturers in China and Russia, using the services of our translators. Accompanying to China, offered by the company, includes a full service: ticket booking and hotels, organization of negotiations with suppliers, provision of translation services.

Professional organization of a business trip to China will help you achieve effective results and realize your goals!

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