Outsourcing of FEA

To the attention of managers!

Welcome to the zone of relations between countries and nations. Imagine yourself: you have a company and it lacks “something” that is not produced in Russia, but somewhere outside it. Perhaps you would have bought this «something» here, but — a little expensive. The goal is to buy somewhere there. But how? There is neither a currency account, nor a contract, nor specialists. Of course, you can open an account, hire specialists and conclude a supply contract — but … Suddenly this is a single supply? And the department of specialists who will deal with this is already there and they need to pay a salary. The way out is obvious — contact us! We will provide all stages, from coordination and development of the necessary documentation, control of the technological process, production and delivery of the order to your warehouse.

Услуга аренды отдела ВЭД это:


Product Search,


Conclusion of a supply contract,


Payment of all currency transactions,


Delivery of the order to the warehouse in the Russian Federation and the countries of the vehicle.

If you are planning long-term deliveries from abroad, we will support you in this.

But if you just want to buy something once and do not know how to do it — call, write, do not hesitate — we will help.

Still have questions?

We will provide prices for any goods, answer questions