We have extensive experience in the organization of imports.

We accept orders for the manufacture and delivery of goods from China and other countries. Orders are placed only at manufacturing plants. If the customer calls the manufacturer, then the order is placed there. If the customer of the goods does not know the manufacturers, then his application for the goods is sufficient. Search for plants carried out on their own.

The application must contain the following information:

  • Name, description, purpose of the goods
  • Specifications
  • Photos, drawings
  • Amount
  • Delivery point


Among the several manufacturers found, we choose the best in terms of price-quality ratio.


We do production check. Making sure that the equipment and technical staff of the plant is able to provide the required quality of the goods, we agree on the technical documentation and exchange samples of the goods.


After all approvals we conclude a contract and transfer the prepayment.


At the end of production we do the acceptance of goods. The quality of the product is always paid special attention. If there are no remarks, then we transfer the remaining amount and the shipment takes place.


We take over customs clearance and make it in transit.


Delivery is organized to the warehouse of the customer.

Usually, the production and delivery cycle is 60 days.

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