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Delivery of lumber

SAN Co., Ltd offers goods which are produced in Russia to foreign buyers for export to China and other countries. One of the high demand product is coniferous breed board lumber. It is a natural and environmentally friendly material, made mainly from pine and spruce, which are very valued due to their lightness and strength. Spruce’s thermal conduction is the highest among coniferous trees. It is less resinous than others trees, but very strong. Pine board lumbers recommended themselves during building as load carrying structures as well as stairs, railing, verandah.


Pine board (edged board and unedged board)can be used during many years, at the same time keeping their qualities.

Edged board (natural moisture) – is a lumber, made from wood of coniferous trees. It has thoroughly treated edges and, as a rule, its width is much bigger than its thickness (more than twice).Edged board (natural moisture) – is a lumber, made from wood of coniferous trees. It has thoroughly treated edges and, as a rule, its width is much bigger than its thickness (more than twice). Edged board- is one of the most popular types of timber. The main advantages are durability, safety, ecological compatibility. We offer you edged boards of various sizes and lengths, and you can choose grade of boards which you need. The 1 grade edged board is very good quality board, but for some other purposes second grade can be used.


Planed board (dry board) is obtained by saw cutting tree shaft, and received parts are planed on special equipment.

As the result we get straight and smooth boards, which have a number of advantages:

  • Durability (correctly manufactured and dried board has good characteristics - it is firm and can be in use for a long time);
  • Universality: planed boards can be used in constructions (arbor, bath-house); for decoration (floor, walls) and at producing (for example furniture);
  • Ecological compatibility (as well as any other kind of natural timber);
  • Comfort assembling (during assembling nails, screws and even glue are used).


Deal board - a board which is used for decoration houses (inside and outside). It has different prices, depending on the grade, which is defined in accordance with the GOST.

Deal board made from aspen is good for saunas and baths decorations. Good properties of aspen material are known for a long time and are used for various types of buildings (from wells to the baths). After drying and competent treatment, deal board obtains unprecedented strength - the axe jump off, nail does not hammer in. It also waterproof and has pleasant appearance.


Beam We can provide you beam made from high quality wood at profitable price. Bath-houses and houses constructed from beam are becoming more and more popular every day. This is an environmentally friendly material and it has pleasant appearance. Beam has different dimensions, length 6 meters.

Beam’s advantages:

  • Long service life, beam is resistant to the external environment influence: moisture and cold;
  • It has a low shrinkage ratio, therefore, the material is safe and reliable;
  • Pleasant appearance.

Pine board

Pine board (edged board and unedged board)can be used during many years, at the same time keeping their qualities.

Unedged board Unedged coniferous lumber is a coniferous timber, which has not sawn off or partially sawn off edges and wanes, which percentage correlation is higher than for edged board. This timber is inexpensive and reliable, but it has low aesthetic characteristics. It is used in making foundations, platforms, floorings, strength members in different constructions, panel lining etc. Low price is the undoubted advantage of unedged board.


Block-House- (other name is imitation of the log)

Today, it is admitted as one of the most popular and essential decoration material. For modern stylish look of your house it is enough to panel walls with block-house instead of complete overhaul. This material is similar to deal board by installation type. The main difference is convex shape. Block-house is divided into internal and external, and also “chamber drying “ and "natural moisture". The lower material’s index of wetness, the better its operational characteristics. Block -house, which had been treated by “chamber drying“ method, does not shrink (does not subject to drying), that means it can be use longer (so the price is higher). "Natural moisture" log imitation is not recommended to be used immediately. Firstly you have to dry the material.


Groove board- (other name is imitation of the log)

of the floor is made on high quality equipment, which correspond international standards. This is high quality material, and it makes possible to replace such floor covering as laminate or parquet, the price is much higher. Furthermore, using floor board you can finish and reface surface.


Beam imitation is high quality planed board, which is made like a bar. The differences between this material and deal board are the lack of intermediate groove and thickness is less. Angarsk pine is used in the production of beam imitation. It has all the characteristics typical for products from natural wood. Beam imitation is manufactured industrially, with all the necessary treatments, according to international standards.


Folding - this board, which was subject to mechanical treatment (circular saw, smoothing plane, facing (if necessary). Folding board has parallel opposite sides and butt-ends are sawed-off perpendicular to sides. Bark shows, cracks , falling out and black limbs are not allowed on the front face. High degree readiness for the installation of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Folding board is a universal product. It can be used as a complete product or half-finished product for manufacturing cabinet works. It can be used as terraced board, decking, floor or decoration board without any additional treatment.

Ordering timber from us, you can be sure that you are buying quality product at a good price !!! We can always find what you are looking for!