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Cargo delivery

One of the main directions of our company is cargo transportation. *

SAN Co. Ltd. offers a variety of services for cargo delivery to “your door”. The manufacturer ships the goods, and we form complete logistic chain, with usage of sea and railway transport, up to the moment when customer receives the goods.

The way we transport cargo depends on the location of the factory and final destination point: Your cargo is shipped (in a container) to the nearest port or railway station. Than it is delivered to the definite border by ship or by train. At the boundary, our brokers realize customs clearing of goods, after that, cargo is transported by chosen way of delivery to the final destination point. During all the way, your cargo is insured and transportation process is under control of our logistics department.

Sea cargo transportation

Nowadays, container’s cargo transportation by sea is the most economical kind of transportation. It is used in both: domestic and international directions. This method is the most convenient for the appropriate form and packaging of cargo.

Delivery of goods

We send goods through the largest ports: Vostochny port, Vladivostok port, port of St. Petersburg. We also have possibility to organize shipments through the ports of Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, etc. We provide container’s forwarding, it includes:

  • Organization of documents circulation in the port (receiving the bill of lading, documents transaction in the port, railway invoice registration, etc.);
  • Customs clearing in the port or transit legalization;
  • Carrying out necessary customs, quarantine, veterinary inspections and registration of required documents.

We offer goods delivery from major ports of China, Korea, the USA, South America, Europe and Russia to any destination point with guarantee of complete safety.

Railroad freight activity

Delivery of goods

SAN Co. Ltd. also organizes transportation by railway.

The main directions of railway transportation in Russia are - Samara, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Chelyabinsk.

We can also send cargo by railway to any other direction.

Our railroad freight activity means profitable prices and short delivery time.

Vostok Import Samara Co. Ltd. realizes railway transportation only in complex service.

Automotive cargo transportation

Delivery of goods

If there is no opportunity to deliver cargo by sea or railway, we can offer automotive cargo transportation.

Our company offers delivery via world's largest boundary crossings: Manchuria (north-west of China) - Zabaikalsk and through Alashankou border crossing (north-east of China) - Dostyk (further transportation by Kazakhstan’s territory).

The main plus of automotive cargo transportation is it's speed and flexibility.

Air transportation

Delivery of goodsIf you need urgent delivery we can offer air transportation. Air transportation is the fastest way of delivery. Our company provides air transportation services to any point in the world. Cargo dimensions and weight are not limited. During delivery we guarantee necessary storage conditions and integrity of the cargo.

 Due to the net of agents in the main directions (ports, railway stations, terminals), long-term partnership with large shipping companies, sea lines and great experience in the field of international cargo transportation, we arrange individual approach for each client.

*Transportation terms discussed individually, and depend on client request and cargo characteristics.

 We will deliver your cargo to any destination point within the shortest possible period of time!!!