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Customs clearing

SAN Co., Ltd realizes all spectrums of customs clearing procedures for you at any border.

Customs clearing – is not an easy problem. But our company will help you to solve it!

Vostok Import Samara Co.,Ltd organizes delivery of goods "under its contract". What does it mean?

You want to buy or sell goods, but do not want to engage importation or exportation, do customs clearing of goods and participate in foreign trade currency transactions. You chose a range of goods and commit us to deliver the goods to “the door” or to another place (e.g. warehouse). Our company will deliver your goods and you don’t need to do any action. Just order and wait.

If you want to deliver cargo , "under your contract", Vostok Import Samara Co., Ltd also can help you to organize whole complex of services, concerning delivery and registration of your cargo.

Often, it is necessary to prepare appropriate documentation for customs clearing, for sending goods, both for import and export.

SAN Co., Ltd assists in obtaining such authorization documents! We make such documents, as:

  • Certificate of conformance;;
  • Declaration of conformity;
  • Sanitary-epidemiological conclusions;
  • Refusal letters for certification and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions;;
  • Registration certificates;
  • etc.
  • At goods receipt, the customer receives copies or originals (if possible) of all resolving documentation in his hands. Period and price of obtaining resolving documentation depend on its type and legalization complexity.

    SAN Co., Ltd offers you:

    • Minimum time of customs clearing;
    • Quick and correct registration of documents for both export and import of goods;
    • Cargo certification (if necessary);
    • Awareness of the condition and transportation of cargo;
    • Preliminary informing about customs payments.

    Many years experience in the customs clearing area allows avoid any unpleasant surprises during this process for import and export!