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Wholesale supplies

SAN Co., Ltd, offers wholesale import services, and organization of export. Due to many years experience in external-economic activities, we successfully realize the whole process of import and export goods.

SAN Co., Ltd. already supplies following products:

  1. Spare parts and car’s accessories for domestic and imported cars; including spear parts for the car factories conveyors: starters, generators, gas-distributing mechanism belts, bearings, fuel pumps, electric jacks, etc.
  2. Disposable medical instruments, consumables and equipment for their production, medical syringes, medical systems, latex gloves, etc.
  3. Disposable medical clothing (caps, masks, smocks, aprons, protective sleeves, shoe covers)
  4. Equipment: assembly lines, control and testing equipment, digital machining centers, electroerosion machines, turning and milling machines, shot-blast units, molds for casting aluminum and plastic details, etc.
  5. Electric goods and elements of electronic devices.
  6. Fastening products.
  7. Profile stainless steel wire - triangular section , for producing slot filters.

We’ll provide prices for products above or other products according your requirement. Please send your requirement to e-mail: or We’ll answer you ASAP.